Leeteuk scolds fans for risking their safety at airport to see Super Junior

As a fan, there is always a desire to see your favorite artist and bias, but to what risk? Recently, Super Junior‘s group leader Leeteuk scolded fans as he showed his worries for ELFs.

On April 1st, Leeteuk uploaded a photo of two images stacked on top of each other, with the top photo highlighting the many fans looking over an overhead ledge as the members of Super Junior were getting checked by airport security below. However, it’s the bottom image that reveals exactly how fans were watching the popular male group and had Leeteuk worried.

ELFs present had in fact climbed on the the wall — which was slightly taller than the average person — with a small ledge holding them. This is an extremely dangerous act with so many people leaning on the edge like this with chances of it toppling over and may have caused many to be injured from the fall should it collapse from the weight.

Leeteuk wrote, “Hey kids, this is dangerous!!!! Don’t do that!!! The oppas will be making a comeback so please gather lots of excitement!!!!!..^^Coming soon..” 

In addition to his scolding, he mentions Super Junior’s comeback, but as it is April Fool’s Day…many are weary if this is true or not. In any case, Leeteuk’s warning and worries are not a joke, so fans, please be careful.

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