Legend’s Listen brings holiday cheer in “The Christmas Song”

On December 24th, the leader of rookie boy group Legend, Listen, shared a soulful rendition of “The Christmas Song” just in time for the Christmas season.

The video is a simple cover, being lit only by a lamp in the background. On the wall, various colorful signs are pictured, showing the love that Legend has for fans.

Listen first makes sure his hair is patted neatly under his cap before he begins singing along to the elegant piano background. His husky and soft vocals suit the occasionally jazzy chords. Although the lighting is dim and he faces away from the camera, the vocal cover impresses listeners. Fans praise his pure vocals, even commenting they got goosebumps just from listening.

At the end of the video, he pulls out a small polar bear and uses it to wish fans a merry Christmas. The changing lights on the polar bear as well as Listen’s expressions while he holds it up add a cute twist to the cover video.

Check out his take on “The Christmas Song” here: