Let’s Dance! Red Velvet teaches you three dance moves from “Ice Cream Cake”

In light of their comeback, Red Velvet recently participated in 1theK‘s “Let’s Dance” series, teaching viewers and fans alike their three point choreography of their track “Ice Cream Cake.”

Dressed in casual attires, Red Velvet first starts off with performing nearly half of their choreography for “Ice Cream Cake,” before greeting viewers and explaining the meaning behind the song.

The first step, adorably titled “Step 1: The Sweet & Mysterious Flavor! Give Me Dance,” reveals the beginning of the track’s chorus and is led by Joy and Irene.

The second step is led by members Yeri, Wendy, and Seulgi, who goes on to ask viewers to name this step and titles it, “Step 2: Name This Dance For Us! Blank Dance,” and continues to teach viewers the second half of the chorus’ dance steps. All five members come together for “Step 3: Scream for Happiness! I Scream Dance!” to complete the chorus.

“Ice Cream Cake” is a sweet pop-dance track that tells of a girl’s sweet feelings when experiencing the joyous feelings of love. Thus far, Red Velvet has gained two music show wins for the track.