Life In Korea: The Expat Experience Ep.1

We’ve all tried to explain an insider joke to another friend that just doesn’t translate well. Countries develop a unique set of cultural idiosyncrasies, subtle and overt nuances that, at times, can only be best explained by saying, “you just gotta see for yourself.”

But if your friend doesn’t have that luxury to fly to Korea, then storytelling through individual videos (A Black Man in Korea: the Will Smith & Obama Effect) or popular comic strips (“15 Funny Things Foreigners Experience in South Korea“) can help shape a great narrative, a perfect gateway to allow your friends and family to live vicariously through you.

In our first episode of “Life in Korea: The Expat Experience,” we’ve taken an even deeper look into life in South Korea by exploring reverse culture shock, Western and East Asian interconnectedness, overt racism, stereotypes and social perceptions.

Special thanks to: Elliott AshbyErin WilliamsDa’Vida Walker, Christine Arrozal, and Martina Jones.

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About The Author:
Wilkine Brutus is Haitian-American writer, event host, and YouTuber who spent 4 years in South Korea exploring the intersection between culture, human interaction, and language. He’s the Content Director for OogeeWoogee (website and multimedia studio), and founder/editor-in-chief of The Vanguard Element. Check out his “Talk & Travel” YouTube Channel and follow his insights on life via Twitter and Instagram. He’s a Floridian living in Philadelphia now. OneLove 

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