What is it like to see miss A’s Suzy in real life?

Posted as a GIF and photo of Suzy, netizens claim this is the closest to seeing Suzy in real life.

miss A member Suzy is known for her natural and beautiful looks. Of those that have seen her in person, they all agree that Suzy looks even better in real life than she does on a computer screen.

However, since most will never have the opportunity to see her up close in person, netizens have chosen two images that will allow fans to experience the real deal themselves.

Originally titled “Heol this is Suzy in real life…” here is the direct translation of the post the comments below.

“This is the GIF that is closest to seeing her in real life. Really pretty right???? I really want to see Suzy at least once before I die 🙁 “



Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.42.58 PM

[ +81 / -14] This article photo says it all


[ +79 / -13] I had to see her from far away at a fan sign meeting but she was really really pretty…. She tied her hair back and was wearing brown top and bottom? I heard people got kicked out trying to get close to her haha But she is really pretty..

[ +75 / -11] Goddess


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