[★LISTEN] Jang Nara sings OST for “Mister Baek” with track “All Day”

Jang Nara, lead actress of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama series Mister Baek, released her own OST single “All Day” for the drama, which was officially released on the noon of December 3rd.

Despite her busy filming schedule for Mister Baek, the actress chose to feature for the drama’s OST album as well.  Jang Nara was quoted saying, “Because I know character Eun Ha Soo’s feelings the most, I decided to partake in the OST myself to deliver her young and innocent heart.”

According to the production team, Red Socks, they were able to feel character Eun Ha Soo’s feelings even during the recording, as Jang Nara put her best effort in delivering the emotions and feelings of her character in the drama.

Jang Nara’s warm voice and the lovely melody of “All Day” imbues Eun Ha Soo’s love in Mister Baek. Along with JYJ‘s Junsu‘s main theme song, “The Time When I Loved You,” Jang Nara’s track is expected to elevate viewer’s absorption for the drama.

Meanwhile, the official cast of Mister Baek includes, Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Nara, Park Yae Jin, Jung Suk Won and Lee Joon.

Take a listen to the preview provided by Bugs: http://music.bugs.co.kr/newPlayer?trackId=3794586

Source: Osen