Lizzy and Park Myung Soo reveal “Goodbye PMS” trailer

On February 10th, After School’s Lizzy and Park Myung Soo revealed the comical music video teaser for their upcoming collaboration track, “Goodbye PMS.”

The duet caught attention with the announcement of their upcoming release due to its hilarious title. A work by Duble Sidekick, the song will be an upbeat track that highlights the emotions of a girl who wishes to break up with a “monster.” While Park Myung Soo will be contributing his eclectic rap, Lizzy will share her vocal talents.

The music video trailer captures the comedy of the title, opening with a dramatic abandoned city. Park Myung Soo dons his “PMS” costume and plays the role of a giant villain reminiscent of Godzilla due to his large size and intimidating roar. The background music foreshadows the epic battle that begins, ending on a mysterious note as the date, title, and “COMING SOON” quickly flash through the video.

“Goodbye PMS” is set to drop on February 13th.

Check out the hilarious music video teaser here: