[★VIDEO] Lizzy teases INFINITE H by playing hard to get on SBS Inkigayo

On February 15th’s episode of SBS music show Inkigayo, After School‘s Lizzy made a surprise appearance as the female lead of INFINITE H‘s “Pretty!”

INFINITE H (Hoya and Dongwoo) is currently promoting as a hip-hop sub-unit, while Lizzy is also busy on music shows with her solo trot debut track “Not An Easy Girl.”

Until today, INFINITE H has achieved a winning streak of five trophies on music shows with their title track “Pretty.” As the title suggests, the lyrics sing of a beautiful lady, so mesmerizing that makes the guy’s world revolves only around her. Starting off the song playing hard to get at first, Lizzy plays it cool while Hoya tries to woo her. Only until the end did she join in the fun and groove along with the duo.

In other news, Lizzy engaged in a comical collaboration with Park Myung Soo and released a music video for “Goodbye PMS” on February 13th.

For this episode of Inkigayo, Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul took the first place trophy home without performing, against Yonghwa and Zion.T with Crush.