Loco stirs up anticipation with tracklist for upcoming album “Locomotive”

Fans better get ready to go loco, as Loco continues to tease fans about his comeback through the revelation of a tracklist for his upcoming album Locomotive.

Novermber 19th marks the day AOMG uploaded the official tracklist for the artist’s upcoming album on their official Instagram account. The tracklist itself is quite a masterpiece to look at, with its relaxing occurrence of the ocean blue theme. However, it is not only the colour scheme that makes it quite the sight to see, but the line up of tracks which also contributes to the anticipation the list has been garnering.

The tracklisting includes, “Hands Up,” “Act Serious,” “You Don’t Know,” “Thinking About You,” “No Manners” featuring Gray, “We Up There,” “If I,” “Growing Up,” and “Hold Me Tight” featuring Crush, which has previously been released as a digital single. If “Hold Me Tight” is any indication of what the overall tone of the album is going to be, fans can definitely expect an album featuring mellow R&B sound with a tinge of hip hop, guaranteed to hit their hearts in all the right musical spots.

Loco has currently been keeping himself busy, touring the U.S. with labelmates Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, and DJ Pumkin. They left an impressive mark on fans in Los Angeles and New York, and are currently set for their final destination in Washington D.C., for November 20th.

Loco’s album Locomotive is to be released on November 28th, so be sure to keep an eye out for more details!

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