Loco is “Thinking About You” in new MV feat. Jay Park

After revealing his video teaser, Loco returns with the release of his full music video for title track “Thinking About You,” featuring Jay Park!On November 25th, AOMG released Loco’s much anticipated music video for “Thinking About You,” which was directed by DIGIPEDI.

Beginning with him casually sitting on a dark leather chair in a bright red room, Loco freely starts to rap to the beat. In the midst of his rapping, he’s seen dressed in a houndstooth suit and pursues the girl through the maze-like monochrome hallways. Jay Park, clad in leather, comes in during the melodious interlude, singing how she is the “baddest chick of all.” Afterwards, the two of them learn their lesson and start to mark all of the hallways and doors they have gone through, to prevent losing themselves in the maze. The underlying rhythm in this song is a combination of sounds, most prominently heard are the bell sounds, combined with the bass.

Loco’s full album Locomotive will be released on November 28th at 12pm.

Recently, Loco, Jay Park, Simon DGray, and DJ Pumpkin have finished their U.S. tour.

Check out his music video below!