LOEN Tree warns fans of fake SNS accounts on IU and HISTORY

LOEN Tree has warned fans of the many SNS impersonators of their artists and have updated the pages of IU, HISTORY and more. 

On February 11th, LOEN Tree posted an update on IU’s official Facebook page, warning their followers of the various imposters online. The short post also acted as a quick guide for IU’s official accounts on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, along with her personal accounts as well.

The same update was posted on HISTORY’s official Facebook page as they alerted fans of the legitimate SNS accounts used by their artists.

The agency felt the need to react strongly to alert their fans and followers of the rampant impersonations online.

안녕하세요.LOEN TREE입니다.최근 아티스트를 사칭하여 SNS를 운영하는 경우가 있어 안내 드립니다.현재 LOEN TREE에서 운영하는 공식 채널과 아티스트가 직접 사용하고 있는 SNS 채널은 아래와 같…

Posted by 아이유(iu) on Thursday, February 11, 2016


Source: SportsSeoul