Lovelyz releases individual comeback teaser for Kei

Kei’s individual teaser for Lovelyz’s upcoming comeback was revealed on February 20th, making it the 5th individual photo unveiled.

In the latest photo released, Kei has a surprised but playful look on her face in the photo but looks gorgeous nonetheless.

Previously, teaser images for Yoo Ji Ae, Ye In, Baby Soul, and Ryu Su Jeong were released. The individual shots have been released after a mysterious group teaser image was uploaded, showing the legs of seven members.

The upcoming comeback is a repackaged edition of their successful debut album.

There are two more individual teaser photos expected, excluding member Jisoo as she is currently on a hiatus from the group. This hiatus came after accusations of alleged girlfriend and rape accusations.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for more information on Lovelyz’s comeback!