Lovelyz share a frightening story involving their manager and hidden snacks

Amidst the pressure of looking good and dieting, Lovelyz talked about the frightening story about their manager and their hidden snacks. 

On the first broadcast of Wonderland of Lovelyz aired on SBS MTV on January 16th, the members were filmed trying to hide snacks away, prying it away from their manager’s line of vision after it was revealed to have been banned on consuming snacks. However, amidst their efforts of hiding their snacks away, the members immediately froze at the sight of their manager.

When asked about their reaction by the production crew, Kei talked about the time where they were caught secretely eating toast in their dorm and further revealed that, “The manager saw what we were hiding in the dorm one night. The plate went flying.” 

The incident seem to have stayed on with the members considering the way they reacted when the manager appeared.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will continue to star on their own reality show, Wonderland of Lovelyz.
Image: “Wonderland of Lovelyz” / MyDaily

Source: MyDaily