Lovelyz unveils choreography MV for “Candy Jelly Love”

Woollim Entertainment‘s first girl group, Lovelyz, has released the choreography version of their debut track’s music video “Candy Jelly Love” on December 4th.The group received much attention for being the sister group of Infinite even before their official debut. They have previously released a behind-the-scenes video to the music video as well.

In the video, the girls switch between two school settings and outfits as they perform their innocently sweet song and show off their cute choreography. The soft lighting used in the set also accentuated the members’ angelic appearances.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz has also been revealing a video diary series of their pre-debut preparations and currently has 3 episodes by far. The latest episode released show the struggles of their tough training prior to their debut.

Make sure to check out the choreography version of “Candy Jelly Love” below: