Lovelyz’s Jiae and Jin are keeping one eye covered as they prepare for “Lovelyz8” in image teasers

Woollim Entertainment has revealed the second individual teaser image for their girl group Lovelyz featuring Jiae and Jin!

Yesterday, the first member, main vocalist Kei, was introduced. A sweet looking group photo was also shared onto various SNS websites the day before. Looking at the current trend, a new teaser image will be shared at midnight each day. With the two visuals of the group already introduced, it is with much curiosity who will be up next.

Just as how it was for their debut album Girls’ Invasion and repackage album, each member gets an individual portrait profile shot against a monochromatic background, enhancing the loveliness of the girls.

Lovelyz will also finally be promoting with their original group line-up including Jisoo, naming their new album Lovelyz8. A release date for the new album has yet to be announced.

[#Lovelyz] It's JIN today :) Guess which eye she is covering? Find your answer right now!▶

Posted by Woollim Entertainment (울림엔터테인먼트) on Saturday, August 29, 2015

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