Lovelyz’s Jisoo captures interest with her innocent aura for “Lovelyz8”

Seo Jisoo garners more interest with her debut under Lovelyz following the release of her solo concept image. 

A few days back, Jisoo was the last member to be introduced for Lovelyz’s comeback as she completed the first round of teaser images for Lovelyz8. Finally able to make her debut with the group, the singer was positively commented for her charming return.

A photo comparing her initially debut concept image for Lovelyz and her current photo highlighted the subtle but innocent change in her aura. In the newly-released photos released, she was featured gently closing her eyes with a soft smile on her face. The announcement of her return plus her new look for the group further raised expectations for Lovelyz8.

Meanwhile, this will be the first time that the group will be promoting as eight members following the controversy of malicious rumours garnered last year.

Source: TVReport