Lucky J’s Jessi still looks intimidating even bare faced?

Lucky J’s leading vocalist and Unpretty Rapstar rapper Jessi went bare face for her latest selca, showing fans her new colored hair at the same time.

Published on August 10th, Jessi revealed her newly colored hair from dirty blonde to black, captioning her photo with, “Double trouble #blackhair #awkward.”

Despite her hashtag use of #awkward, fans note that she looks good in black hair, and certainly, she exudes a mature visual while still looking both sexy and innocent in her selca, notes Dispatch.

[+368, -9] Cheetah looks innocent when she’s bare faced but Jessi still looks intimidating. She was so cute before getting plastic surgery.

[+250, -25] She needs makeup…

[+200, -37] Grandmother, please have a seat here.

Source: DispatchComments: Dispatch via Nate