Luhan presents his angelic and evil side in the latest cover of “Bazaar China”

Luhan graces the cover and plays the role of an angel and a demon in his latest concept photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar in China. 

Continuing his individual promotions, Luhan graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s November issue and drew attention with his “double” concept shoot. As the photo was unveiled to the public, the singer-actor was featured channeling two personas, embodying the role of an angel and a demon. He was able to present his good side with an blank, innocent look, while his evil ego poses close by, all dressed in black and bold accessories.

It was also reported that the cover sold out all 20,000 copies within four hours.

Currently, Luhan remains strong with his legal battle with SM Entertainment and continues activities in China including his recent casting in Hurry Up, Brother.

Source: TVReport and Bazaar China’s Weibo