Luhan requests for a day off with an impressive giant ad in train station

How far would you go to get that much-needed day off from work? It has been revealed that a train station in Mainland China now features a giant ad with Luhan’s request for a day off!

On May 20th, Da Ling, an online shopping website, revealed a photo of the 300 square meter ad featuring Luhan. In the ad, Da Ling requests for a day off on behalf of Luhan and lists his position as Chairman.

In a Weibo post, Da Ling asks Luhan’s studio, “Do you want to approve this immovable request for a day off online, or do you want to go there to approve it?

Upon seeing the ad and post, the official Weibo of Luhan’s studio commented, “Luhan, are you the one who wants the day off? You’re the boss so whatever you say is whatever goes,” to which the artist replied, “I’ve been caught~ haha

Click below to see the full ad!

Luhan Ad

Source: Weibo (1, 2, and 3)