Luhan transforms into a captivating Goku for “Hurry Up, Brother” poster

Joining the Chinese version of Running Man, fixed cast member Luhan captures interest unveils his eye-catching character poster for the program. 

Luhan, is the one of the new members of the program for their third season, followed an interesting concept embodying Goku’s Journey to the West as he wore a catching yellow outfit with a red scarf tied on his neck. Posing with a prop, fans were delighted to find the singer and actor play the role of his favourite cartoon character.

Meanwhile, Luhan initially appeared as a guest on the program prior to his selection on the program. He joins regular cast members such as AngelaBaby, Li Chen and more on the third season of the program which will be aired on Zhejiang TV in China.

In other news, Luhan continues his legal battle with SM Entertainment for the termination of his exclusive contract.

Source: TVReport