LU:KUS makes comeback after seven months with “Beautiful”

After a seven-month hiatus, LU:KUS has made a comeback with their third single album, Beautiful.

Released on September 10th, the single features a fresh concept from the group as they adopt a softer sound and a new look to match, providing an interesting contrast to their previous image.

LU:KUS’ debut music video for “So Into U” saw the group portray a harsher, grittier image and their second single Break Ya complimented this theme with its own unique attributes as well.

LU:KUS member Choi had the opportunity to showcase his talents in performing softer songs when he collaborated with f(x)’s Luna on a track for the Kill Me, Heal Me soundtrack in January but this time we see all members are capable of such a feat.

The boys’ latest comeback allows the members to show their flower boy sides whilst still maintaining their original charm. Their new track sees their classic hard beats married with piano and acoustic guitar accompaniments as well as angelic vocal harmonies and fluid rap verses that truly showcase the versatility of this rookie group.

Beautiful features the title track “Beautiful” as well as an instrumental version, a short version, and their two previous songs “So Into U” and “Break Ya.”

While it has only been a little over a year since their debut, LU:KUS is already proving themselves as talented artists capable of adapting to numerous musical stylings and concepts.

Listen to LU:KUS’ comeback single “Beautiful” here:

LU:KUS’ third single album Beautiful is now available on Melon.

Sources: LU:KUS Official Facebook