M.I.B Kangnam shares additional image cuts for “What Should I Do”

With the release of his solo single “What Should I Do” on December 26th, additional jacket images had been released!

Image cuts follows Kangnam in various areas of New York City, posing with a similar intense charisma found in previous jacket imagE’s revealed.

Sitting at the banks of the river, the beautiful city shines in the background as the sun sets. Kangnam sits at a bench, the wind blowing in his hair.

Other images are captured in black and white, photographs of the singer posing at night at the park and at the Times Square subway.

Check out the additiobal cuts below!



[#강남] #어떡하죠 공식 자켓 사진 공개!

Posted by M.I.B – 엠아이비 on Friday, December 26, 2014