M.I.B’s Kangnam reveals he was expelled from high school in Hawaii by the same teacher as Eun Ji Won

M.I.B‘s Kangnam confessed that he had been expelled from high school by the same exact teacher that expelled Eun Ji Won 20 years ago!

On the November 9th episode of jTBC‘s Inside Story Salon, in which Kangnam appears as a weekly cast member, the M.I.B star divulged his painful past and revealed that he had been expelled from school not once, but several times.

During the episode, the theme of discussion was “incidents and rumors you’ve been swept or dragged into,” in which many of the show hosts began confessing their opinions and emotions of previous scandals, controversies, and personal problems.

Fellow show host Yoon Jong Shin directed a question towards Kangnam by asking, “But Kangnam, you probably don’t have any incidents or worries that you’ve been caught up in, right?” in which the idol responded, “I was expelled five times from high school back in Hawaii.

Kangnam confessed, “One of my hobbies is to ask a lot of questions, but it became a big distraction to the classroom during lectures. In the end, after long talks with the teacher, I was expelled,” surprising many of his cast members.

The idol continued, “After being expelled five times, there weren’t any other high schools left for me to attend in Hawaii, which is why I had to return to Japan and graduate from an international high school. Senior Eun Ji Won had been expelled from the same school as me [in Hawaii] and I was expelled by the same teacher.

In response to Kangnam’s confession, Yoon Jong Shin added a rather hilarious comment to brighten up the mood, “That teacher can probably go around saying, ‘Whoever I expel from school becomes a celebrity in Korea!’

Source: My Daily