M! Countdown surprises Red Velvet with their 5th trophy for “Dumb Dumb”!

Red Velvet picks up their fifth music show trophy for their title track “Dumb Dumb” off their 1st studio album THE RED on the most recent airing of M! Countdown.

For the September 24th episode of M! Countdown, due to the Chuseok festivities, the normal live airing was not broadcast. However, the winner for this week was surprised with their trophy this week as the staff of the music show invited Red Velvet, tricking them into thinking they were recording for something else.

As they recited the words given to them, Red Velvet was extremely surprised at learning that they were this week’s #1 artist with “Dumb Dumb”!

Second place was awarded to CNBLUE with “Cinderella,” followed by Fly To The Sky‘s “It Happens To Be That Way,” Jessi‘s “SSENUNNIE,” Junjin‘s “Wow Wow Wow,” SEVENTEEN‘s “Manse,” Kangnam‘s “Chocolate,” MONSTA X‘s “Rush,” DIA‘s “Somehow,” and UP10TION‘s “So Dangerous” respectively.


Source: TV Report