M.I.B’s Kangnam believes that he is not popular among fans

On the recent episode of MBC: I Live Alone which aired on November 14th, M.I.B Kangnam admitted that he thought he was not very popular.

On MBC: I Live Alone, M.I.B’s Kangnam went on a short journey with actor Lee Taegon. During the episode, Taegon asked Kangnam, “Don’t you have many people who say they like you since you are popular now?” Kangnam appeared to be saddened from hearing this question and responded, “I’ve had many people say that I must have a large number of people who know me, but it is not true at all.”

In response, Lee Taegon told Kangnam, “They usually question the ones you are closest to for the number of people who are huge fans of you, so it is better for your friends to choose the right person to determine the real numbers.”

Kangnam answered, “Well then I think they are being way too picky,” which resulted in laughter from Taegon.

Source: My Daily