Ma Dong Suk becomes the next “Korean Actor To Watch” at Cannes Film Festival

Although he was not in attendance, Korean actor Ma Dong Suk caught the attention of attendees of the Cannes film festival earlier this week.

Ma Dong Suk, who recently showed his excellent acting skills through his appearance in the zombie film “Train to Pusan,” made his debut in 2005 in the action film Heaven’s Soldiers. Since then, he has appeared in numerous works including the films “Goodbye Single” and “No Tomorrow,” as well as the American Netflix drama “Sense8.” This year, he is set to participate in the dramas “Police Unit No. 38” and “With God.”

When asked about his absence from Cannes, Ma Dong Suk said in an interview that he was unable to attend the festival due to his current filming schedule for his next project. However, it was said that each time one of his scenes appeared onscreen at the festival, the attendees were captivated and laugher and applause were heard.

Ma Dong Suk also revealed in an interview that he was missed by his fellow “Train to Pusan” co-stars. The actor revealed, “When I was filming [for my new project], the staff and actors who went [to the festival] texted me saying that everyone applauded whenever I was onscreen, I was so happy that I wanted to run over there right away. I’m still very happy that the movie did well.”

As “Train to Pusan” is the first large-scale Korean zombie movie, the actor revealed that he wanted to participate in the film because he loved the role and the director.

If you haven’t seen “Train to Pusan” or much of Ma Dong Suk’s latest work, be sure to check out the highlight video of some of his action scenes below!

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Source: daydreamEnt_official, OSEN, eDaily, and Naver Movie.