Mad Clown reveals tracklist for upcoming mini-album, “Piece of Mine”

On January 8th, Starship Entertainment rapper Mad Clown revealed the tracklist for his much-anticipated mini-album, Piece of Mine.

The artist recently teased fans with a music video teaser for title track “Fire” featuring a mystery actress later revealed to be EXID’s Hani. Now, fans get more details about the mini-album as an official tracklist has been released.

Piece of Mine will have five songs and one bonus track. The title song “Fire” will feature Hani as the music video’s actress and the soft vocals of Jinsil from Mad Soul Child. The vocalist also contributed her talents to MC Mong’s “Did You Miss Me?” which reigned the charts for a long period of time.

Other tracks on the mini-album include “Kong” featuring R&B vocalist Jooyoung, “Flower” featuring Justhis, “Coffee Copy Lady,” and “Population Control” featuring Paloalto, Justhis, and G2. Meanwhile the rapper took his popular mission song from Show Me The Money 3 and refined it into “Smoke You,” the bonus track on the mini-album.

It appears that Jooyoung also showed his support for Mad Clown’s mini-album by visiting the set of music video filming for “Fire” as the two snapped a quick photo as well. While on the image, the title track is highlighted for emphasis, so is the collaboration track “Kong,” perhaps leaving a hint for what fans can expect as their next teaser.

Piece of Mine will be released on January 9th so stay tuned for more details!

Take a look at Jooyoung’s tweet below:

Source: Sports Chosun