MADTOWN releases comeback jacket photos for Moos and Heo Jun

Rookie make group MADTOWN will be greeting their fans this month as they prepare themselves for a comeback with new music, recently unveiling the first jacket photos for their new album.

Members Moos and Heo Jun are the first members whose jacket photos was published as teasers for the group’s upcoming return, which was shared via J.Tune Camp‘s SNS accounts on March 3rd at midnight KST.

With a refreshing look, Moos stares intently at the camera with much charisma, his hair styled neatly but messy at the same time, and bearing a white-polka dotted black suit, his white t-shirt poking through as he holds on to a football. On the other hand, Heo Jun gives an innocent-like smile as he stands nonchalantly, wearing an interestingly patterned jacket and black, zipped pants.

MADTOWN will be returning with their 2nd mini-album Welcome to MADTOWN on March 12th.

Source: OSEN