Male group TRITOPS preparing for comeback with new single

Four member male group TRITOPS have finally revealed their comeback plans since releasing a new single in Korea in January with “Your Temperature.”

On February 17th, TRITOPS revealed on their official Facebook account, a photo of the members hidden in the shadow as they stand in front of a a set of french doors with the day’s natural light lighting up the background as it shines through the window. Along with the post came the words, “Coming up new single in Korea.”

Fans showed their excitement at the news, posting comments such as, “Finally, some good news,” “When? When?”, “Comeback!! Fighting!!”, “TRITOPS hwaiting,” and more.

TRITOPS’ last release “Your Temperature” in January 2015, which signaled the end of their long hiatus of over two years. Unfortunately, promotional activities did not follow its release.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for further news on their comeback!

coming up new single in Korea

Posted by 트리탑스_TRITOPS on Monday, February 16, 2015