[★BREAKING] Male idol under arrest after drunk police car chase

A male idol of a 6 member male group was arrested last night after a wild drunk police chase

The police arrested a male idol driving a BMW vehicle on Monday, March 7th. After the police told the vehicle to stop after making an illegal u-turn, the driver sped off around 1.3 km and even hitting a utility pole. Even after the accident, the vehicle continued for another 300 meters and came to a sudden stop while taking a right turn. The police vehicle following the BMW came to a sudden stop but couldn’t avoid the collision which led to minor injuries of the police officer.

After police investigations, the blood alcohol concentration of the male idol was at 0.092% which is enough for a license suspension.

The male idol is revealed to be Yoon Sungmo, a member of male group Supernova. The police department is currently investigating in detail of the situation after calling the male idol back in for questions.

Source: KMIB, Starnews