Which male personality are you most attracted to?

Netizens discuss which male personality they are most attracted to.

Through series of pictures describing the personality of guys, netizens discuss which personality fits their ideal type in a man.

Originally titled “Which Male Style Are You Attracted To?” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Tell us which personality and style fits you best!

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1. Bad Boy Style.

“Slightly caring for the girl in a “whatever” type of attitude is all girls’ fantasy (?)”


Girl: I love you!

Boy: Ah what are you saying

Girl: I’m saying I love you~ What about you babe?

Boy: I don’t know

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2. Close Friend Style

“Sometimes arguing like friends and literally open 100% to each other”


Boy: I’m going to do it, I’m going to~ You know it hurts more if you move your head right?

Girl: Hey! Hit lightly, I’m your girlfriend~

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3. Father Type

“Usually for guys who are older but the type that is really nice and dependable”


Boy: “Okay okay, I understand you had a hard time”

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4. Intelligent Type

“Guys you can open up and discuss everything with”

Boy: “Looking at it like this, I think A fits better than B but what do you think babe?”

Girl: “Yeah… I think so too”

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5. Naive and Obedient Type

“Guys who literally serves the girls as a princess…  Obedient”


Girl: “Ahh my feet hurt…”

Boy: “Should we take a rest somewhere? I’ll massage your feet for you”

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6. The Cute and ‘Aegyo’ Type 

“Always healing my heart with cute and adorable ‘aegyos.'”


Boy: “Babe babe! Get home safely! <3”


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[ +216 / -4] I really want a good mix of 2 and 3

[ +151 / -1] Ha… number 3

[ +146 / -3] Number 2!!

[ +91 / -6] Well… If I really have to pick then 1,2,3,4,5,6

[ +66 / -1] The number 1 seems like as if the guy is annoyed. The guy  has to say it while he smiles even if he looks away. That is when girls get nervous hahaha

[ +54 / 0] Guys who says unbearable things even as a joke becomes difficult to deal with later. Guys who are nice and takes are of the girl well is always the best.

[ +32 / -1] The cartoons are cute hahahaha I laughed while reading hahaha Personally I pick number 2 and 3

Source: Pann

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