These male rappers set the bar high for other K-Pop idol rappers

There are rappers and then there are idol rappers. Nowadays, the difference between the two is large as K-Pop idols whose role in their group as rappers become more significant.

With more idol rappers set to prove their real rapping talent as hip-hop artists on shows like Show Me The Money or Unpretty Rapstar, these six male idols in particular have grabbed the attention of netizens with their talents.

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WINNER’s Song Mino – runner up to Show Me The Money 4


Block B’s Zico – underground rapper under the name “Nacseo”


BTS’s Rap Monster – was an underground rapper


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon


B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk – began as underground rapper as part of Soul Connection under the name “Jepp Blackman”


iKON’s Bobby – Winner of Show Me The Money 3


After checking out the short list above, who else do you think ranks among the best idol rappers?

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[+421, -358] Honestly I don’t think G-Dragon is that great at rapping…..his performance and stage presence is amazing but I don’t thinkg his rapping’s that crazy………..

[+225, -26] People keep dissing Rap Monster saying he’s just an idol ….go listen to his Mix Tape…his rap and his lyrics are crazy..

[+220, 14] Zico and Rap Monster

[+173, -6] YG really is strong

Source: Pann