MAMAMOO perfectly impersonate the cast of “I’M PRETTY RAPSTAR” in hilarious parody video

MAMAMOO prove themselves to be quite unlike any other girl group as well as comedic entertainers as they share a hilarious parody video initially released at their first official fan meeting just days ago.

Published online on September 1st for fans who were unable to attend MAMAMOO’s 1st MOO Party, MAMAMOO perfectly transforms into not only the cast members but the MC of the first Unpretty Rapstar season.

The video is absolutely hilarious from start to finish with Hwasa impersonating the trademark MGM lion at the very beginning of the parody before the official introduction of the members is shown.

The original cast members of Unpretty Rapstar include Jessi, Cheetah, AOA’s Jimin, Lil Cham, Jolly V, Tymee, Yuk Ji Dam, and Kisum while a ninth member miss $’s Jace was added later on. Only the first eight members are portrayed in this parody.

Wheein plays a triple role of MC Sanhee (San E), Tywheemee (Tymee), and Yuk Whee Dam (Yuk Ji Dam), Solar is Nansi (Jessi) and Jimin, Moonbyul as Jolly Byulri (Jolly V) and Zip Kisum (Kisum), and finally, Hwasa as Hwanta (Cheetah) and Hwasham (Lil Cham).

Of course, credit should also be given to the cameraman and editor as they perfectly capture the mood and filming techniques used in the competitive show.

Check it out: