[★VIDEO] MAMAMOO shows their candid side dancing along to other girl group’s songs

The members of MAMAMOO are pure bundles of joy as they dance along to other girl group’s songs! 

In the latest episode of Weekly Idol that aired on September 2nd, MAMAMOO was given a task to dance along hit dance tracks from other girl groups, which captured the attention of the audience.

In the short clip, the members were seen dancing to AOA’s “Like A Cat” and Lovelyz “Candy Jelly Love,” but what caught the attention of the two hosts was Wheein’s lively version of Apink’s “LUV” as well as the group’s collaboration dancing of SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” (which involved a bit of slapping).

The four members inadvertently captured the interest of the two hosts as they showcase their dance and candid skills in the impromptu task.

Meanwhile, it was also in the same episode where Moonbyul discussed the issue of her looking like EXO’s Xiumin.