[★VIDEO] MAMAMOO trends online after “Immortal Song 2” performance

Following their January 10th stage on KBS‘s Immortal Song 2, girl group MAMAMOO began to trend on Korean search sites due to their amazing performance.

The ladies of MAMAMOO chose to give their own, stylish rendition of “Wait A Minute” by Joo Hyun Mi.

They began the stage with a moving ballad concept, showcasing their beautiful low tones and soft upper range. After this emotional edition, the group suddenly picked up the tempo and added their own flair to the well-known track. The full sound of the brass instruments supported the girls’ colorful harmonies and spunky rap.

In response to their powerful and catchy performance, the girls began trending on Korean search site Naver, a testament to fan approval of their stage. The girls sent a message over SNS thanking fans for their support and to continue the love through 2015.

Other contestants for the episode included Lee Hyun, Sonnet Son, and Hong Kyung Min.

Check out their performance here:


Source: TV Report