MAMAMOO unveils behind the scenes video for “Piano Man” MV

Girl group MAMAMOO has unveiled special behind the scenes footage from their music video for their hit track, “Piano Man.”

This video compilation serves as the first official installment to the girls’ MAMAMOO TV YouTube series. Fans can catch the girls having fun and being themselves with the launch of this webseries.

Released on December 25th, the behind the scenes video shows the group hard at work filming the jazzy and seductive music video for “Piano Man.” Although MAMAMOO had shared additional photos for this track, their personalities truly come out with these clips. For instance, while in their classy white suits and heels, the girls break it down with funky dance moves between filming.

As the girls take control of the camera, they narrate their time on the set and emphasize the great chemistry they have with one another. Looks like amidst their professionalism, MAMAMOO knows how to have a great time as well! They graciously thanked all the crew and behind the scenes workers after filming as the first episode of MAMAMOO TV came to a close.

Fans can also now follow MAMAMOO’s activities through Weibo as the ladies’ recently opened an official account for the group.

Take a look at the special footage here:

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