MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul assures fans after sustaining injury at “Idol Star Athletics” filming

MAMAMOO has issued a statement assuring fans on Moonbyul’s injury at the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships filming. 

On August 10th, MAMAMOO, along with other idol groups, participated in the filming for MBC’s 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships held at Goyang Stadium, South Korea, participating in athletic events such as track and field, archery and more.

However, as filming commenced, it was reported that member Moonbyul sustained an injury. This led to a statement released by MAMAMOO’s agency stating that, “Moonbyul fell while running and only suffered minor injuries.” It was further revealed that the singer received treatment on site and returned to filming straight away.

Moonbyul is described to have participated in the archery event right after.

To appease fans’ worries, Moonbyul also updated their respective SNS accounts with a photo of herself looking bright and cheerful despite the minor bandage on her brow area. It was further posted with a caption saying, “I am fine, please do not worry! Hope you could support me to achieve good results from my archery practice~.”

Source: DailySports