Masta Wu to perform at Epik High’s Encore show in New York City as special guest

It has been revealed that Masta Wu will be appearing as a special guest on Epik High‘s 2015 North American Tour in New York for their encore concert. 

Epik High’s encore concert will take place on June 13th at the Best Buy Theater in New York. The trio was originally planning to hold a concert in New York for one day, however due to high demand, the trio will be performing an additional concert in New York.

In addition, they have also revealed the official merchandise for the tour and will be accepting pre-orders soon. Fans can also participate in a contest where they can express their stories by using #EPIKSTORY and #EPIKCHALLENGE,  the fans with the most retweets will win an ECO bag and a sticker set.

Meanwhile, Epik High will be performing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Toronto. Their tour ranges from $85 to $250 USD where meet-and-greet tickets and VIP tickets are available.