MBC drama “Mister Baek” apologizes for its recent broadcast accident

MBC drama Mister Baek has received recommendations from Korea Communications Commission regarding its recent broadcasting accident of sending out a color bar and blacked out screen.

Korea Communications Commission announced that they had decided to give recommendations to MBC drama Mister Baek after its deliberation on December 3rd.

During the 8th episode of Mister Baek which aired last November 27th, the broadcasting team accidentally televised the color bar screen and the black screen. Many of the viewers who were tuned in to the show left comments saying, “While watching Mister Baek, I thought my own TV was broke down,” “After the accident I just switched the channel” and more.

Later the production and the broadcasting team of Mister Baek officially apologized via their website, writing, “It was totally our mistake not detecting the error which was made during the producing process. From now on, we will pay particular attentions in order not to let this happen again.”

TV drama Mister Baek is a fantasy romantic comedy about an old man in his 70’s becoming a young guy in the age of 30’s by an accident. He gets to learn the true feelings of love for the first time that he never felt before. Mister Baek airs regularly at 10pm KST on every Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: MK Sports