MBC Show Champion Performances for October 29th

MBC Show Champion aired on October 29th, and as always, and there are lots of performances for you to enjoy over and over again! Check out this week’s artists on Show Champion below! On the latest episode of MBC Show Champion, Beast won #1 with “12:30”, A.CIAN came back with “Ouch” and LEGEND with “Lost”. D.Holic made their debut with “I Don’t Know”.

Other performances of the night included B.I.G, DGNA (The Boss), Hi.Ni, JUNIEL, Purfles , Red Velvet, Song Ji Eun, Strawberry Milk, ToppDogg, and VIXX.

Check out the performances below!

A.CIAN – “Ouch”

BEAST – “12:30”

B.I.G – “Are You Ready?”

DGNA (The Boss) – “Rilla Go”

D. HOLIC (ft. ANDY A47) – I Don’t Know”

Hi.ni (ft. Min Jae) – “Clutch Bag”

JUNIEL – “I Think I’m in Love”

LEGEND – “Lost”

Purfles – “1, 2, 3”

Red Velvet – “Be Natural”

Song Ji Eun – “25”

Strawberry Milk “OK”

ToppDogg – “Annie”

VIXX – “Error”