MBC’s “Dad! Where Are You Going?” to prepare for Season 3

MBC‘s family-oriented variety show Dad! Where Are You Going? is planning to have a short off-season, in order to prepare for Season 3!

Though casting details have yet to be revealed, a variety show representative from MBC has explained to TV Daily via phone call on December 10th that, “MBC’s Sunday night show Dad! Where Are You Going? is planned to have an off-season from a span of six months to possibly a year.”

“[Following the off-season] the show is planning to come back with a complete renovation. More than the general meaning of the show changing, the format too is under review and is currently being modified with new innovative ways to display more originality.”

Though details remain vague, fans could expect a renewed show for the 3rd season.

And during the off-season, it is most likely that PD’s Kim Hyun Chul and Jae Young Jae’s variety show of taking care of pets will air in its place, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet, and there are other possible shows that might air besides it.

The show had originally begun back on January with Season 1, featuring Kim Min Guk, Sung Joon, Yoon Hoo, Lee Junsu, and Song Ji Ah, though Season 2 had brought some new faces as well as siblings of original members. With only Yoon Hoo remaining as the original member, Kim Min Yul, Sung Bin, Ryu Chan Hyung, Ahn Ri Hwan, and Kim Gyu Won had appeared, though Gyu Won had later been replaced with Jung Sae Yoon.

Source: TV Daily