MBLAQ releases mysterious teaser image for upcoming release

MBLAQ has unveiled a mysterious black-and-white image for a possible new release on November 19th via their SNS accounts, leaving fans to wonder what the popular idol group has in store for them.

Only the lower half of the members can be seen, their upper half only mildly seen through the large water of puddle before them, reflecting their full image. The sole words “{MBLAQ}7: 2014.11.25 Release” can be read on the image.

Recently, the members of MBLAQ, particularly Lee Joon and Thunder, have come under the spotlight as their contract comes to an end, with decisions of their renewal still in the works. While Lee Joon and Thunder were believed to leave the group and agency following the end of their contract, reports have claimed MBLAQ will continue as five nevertheless. Lee Joon has further commented during a Mister Baek press conference that nothing has been decided yet, and it will be announced via his agency.