MC Mong comeback nearing; completes filming for music video

MC Mong is set for a comeback for the first time in five years. Reportedly, MC Mong has been working on final steps to make his comeback flawless.

The full length album is scheduled to release on November 3rd. According his agency, “MC Mong has finished filming for the music video. We are working on the finishing touches of the album and thoroughly deciding on which should be the title song.”

MC Mong’s comeback has garnered attention for various reasons. Since the release of 2009’s 5th album, MC Mong has been on hiatus due to allegations of his military draft dodging resulting in investigations in 2010.

Top musicians have been featured on this comeback album, including Lee Seon Hee, Gary, Baek Ji Young, Huh Gak, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, Ailee, and many more.

With only a week left now, multiple affiliated members have reported that MC Mong is working very hard for his comeback.

Though MC Mong will be releasing a new album, it was revealed that he will not be doing promotional appearances on music shows.

Source: Newsen