MC Mong releases colorful MV for “Love Mash” ft. Chancellor of The Channels

After releasing the colorful teaser for “Love Mash,” MC Mong released the music video for the upbeat track featuring Chancellor of The Channels on March 2nd. 

While accompanied by the piano, guitar and drums, MC Mong expresses his heart to a mysterious lady as he sings, “I lose myself to your charm, I can’t help it.” Although he is referring to the women featured throughout the music video, a single female lead was not present, leaving fans the impression that he might have dedicated the song to his fans since this mini-album was a way to give back to his fans.

“Love Mash” was composed by both the artist and Yoon Geon, who also played the piano for the song as well as appeared in the music video as the pianist.

MC Mong released his newest album, Song For You, which was released as a way express his gratitude for his fans’ love and support. Song For You consist of six tracks including “Love Mash,” “Bored Addiction,” “The White,” “Doom Doom,” and more.

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel