MC Mong reveals title track for comeback album “MISS ME OR DISS ME”

MC Mong will be making his return to the music business this month with his album MISS ME OR DISS ME. This comeback album will be his first in five years, and on October 29th he revealed his title track as “Did You Miss Me?”.

On October 28th, MC Mong revealed the track list and the official cover for the album, boasting a total of 13 tracks. Regarding the tracks, his agency has stated, “All the lyrics from the 13 tracks were written by MC Mong and this album are his stories of nostalgia, hope and love during his five-year hiatus.”

“Did You Miss Me?” is MC Mong’s story about the fear of going out into the world, and the resolution you get from the music capturing your heart. Featured on the album will be artists such as Huh Gak, Ailee, Baek Ji Young, Lyn, Leessang’s Gary, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Bumkey amongst others.

His return comes four years after his military evasion controversy in 2010. Due to this controversy, MC Mong has been banned from appearing on programs, hindering further promotional appearances on music shows.

Nonetheless, fans are anticipating his return and the album is set to be released both offline and online on November 3rd.

Source: Donga