McKay Kim from SBS “K-pop Star” Season 2 to make debut

Dubbed the “Genius of Guitars” after his appearance on Season 2 of SBS K-pop Star in 2013, McKay Kim is finally making his debut through Dorothy Company.
On February 2nd, the “Emperor of Balads” Shin Seung Hoon announced that he would be executing the “Neo-Artist” project. Shin Seung Hoon is most renowned globally for singing the song “I Believe”, the original sound track of the hit 2001 Korean movie, My Sassy Girl.

The “Neo-Artist” project was discreetly created two years ago and trainees who were personally scouted were trained by Shin Seung Hoon himself along with the best vocal trainers and engineers of Korea. Shin Seung Hoon’s aim is to debut at least four teams into the Korean music industry by 2018.

On the 3rd of February, McKay Kim, or now known by his Korean name Kim Joo Hyun, was revealed to be the first in line for the “Neo-Artist” project. McKay Kim was widely known as being part of the audition crew, Raccoon Boys, consisting of himself and two other K-pop Star season two auditionees, Kim Min Seok and Brian Shin.

McKay Kim’s debut song, “Angel 2 Me”, was composed and produced by Shin Seung Hoon himself; this is the first time in 25 years that the veteran artist has given his own produced song to another singer.

Dorothy Company stated, “This single is a pre-promotion audio release that will precede his debut. McKay is preparing to debut as part of a group through the ‘Neo-Artist’ project. The day he debuts with his other team members will be his official date of debut.”

The song’s release date was announced to be February 6th at 12:00PM Korean Standard Time.


Source: Star News, KMIB