Media specialists reveal the truth between TVXQ Yunho and Uee’s dating rumor

While news of Uee‘s attendance at Yunho‘s military training ceremony had fans and netizens speculating on the relationship between the two, media specialists and entertainment personnel had some information to enlighten the fans.

The general consensus was that the two of them had to be in a somewhat amorous relationship for Uee to attend an event usually reserved for family members and close friends.

According to an entertainment personnel, “At the end of training ceremony Yunho’s family, close friends and Uee attended the scene. Uee was the only well known celebrity but not many people seemed to notice her. They did not want any misunderstandings so tried to hide the fact that Uee was present.”

According to a reporter from Sports Donga, much suspicion is rising surrounding the two celebs purely due to the fact that neither fans nor colleagues knew that they had such a close relationship before this incident

Another entertainment personnel stated that they were just friends. “The two of them became close due to the fact that the two debuted as singers and are currently acting. Also they are close in age and seem to have many interests in common.”

Netizens who came across the article however seemed unconvinced by the statements of the insiders.

[+ 8839, – 346] Poor Kwanghee

[+ 7708, – 355] At this point it would be weirder if they weren’t dating

[+ 7130, – 274] Kwanghee..are you reading this? Uee has a boyfriend now..

[+ 3924, – 192] Heol……….

Source: Sports Donga