Megan Lee reveals that “Make It Pop” is not about or based on K-pop in latest interview

Megan Lee revealed details about fans misinterpreting the idea behind the upcoming Nickelodeon show Make It Pop and more in a recent interview with BTSCelebs

On March 11th local time, Megan Lee revealed that, “The show was created [and] inspired by some of the very colorful parts of the K-pop industry which is why the theme of the show is very bright and colorful.

She continued to mention that K-pop inspired some of the aspects such as the hair, makeup, and clothing that you would normally see a K-pop girl group wear, but the show is not about or based on the popular Korean genre and is instead used as an inspiration. Therefore, there aren’t any actual plans on having real K-pop stars appear.

She believes that Make It Pop will have an influence on the younger viewers, possibly allowing them to have “their eyes opened to K-pop music,” she said. Her favorite memory of being on the set is when she nearly choked on a feather while filming a pillow fight scene. Thankfully, she was fine and said that the cast and crew “laugh about it a lot on the set.

As Megan Lee completed the interview, she revealed that her favorite K-pop artist is 2NE1 and would love to see Korean artists appear as a special guest on the show.

Make It Pop is schedule to air its first episode in April 6th on Nickelodeon.

Source: BTSCelebs