Mellow Week releases music video for “A Good Day”

On January 16th, three-member group Mellow Week released the music video for their latest track, “A Good Day.”

The track is a light-hearted ballad, and the melodious voices of the group members really help contribute to the optimistic mood of the song.

The music video itself is quite interesting. The video begins with a male character struggling to wake up, and as he does so, the members of Mellow Week look over him, giving him a massage and laughing at him. The music video also utilizes stop-motion animation fora  short scene, adding to the indie-feel of the song.

Like the male character, the girls of Mellow Week can be seen dressed in sleepwear, and eventually the four sit together and watch a video of a previous Mellow Week performance as they rock back and forth to the catchy chorus of “A Good Day.”

Make sure to check out the cute music video for Mellow Week’s “A Good Day” below!