Melody Day snaps a photo with Mad Clown on the set of “Anxious” MV filming

On December 10th, girl group Melody Day shared a photo they took with Mad Clown behind the scenes of filming for their “Anxious” music video.

Following the release of a dark and melancholy music video teaser and individual image teasers, Melody Day shared this photo via Facebook of the artists. The members and Mad Clown are all smiles as they hold up fingers for “1” and “2,” reminding fans that the track will be released at noon on December 12th.

The girls and Mad Clown are dressed in all black, alluding to the emotional theme of “Anxious.” In their message, the rookie group thanked Mad Clown for contributing his great rapping talents to the upcoming single and asked fans to be excited for the new track.

Check out their photo here: